Clayton NY Window & Pressure Washing

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Window Washing


Flawless Glass Cleaning – Check out these work samples!


Windowsill Dusting & Stain Removal


Window Tract Dusting & Stain Removal


Screen Cleaning


Wind Out Window Tract Restoration


Bug & Spider Web Removal


Hard To Reach Window Cleaning

We are a fully insured, professional, residential and commercial Window Cleaning Service. We clean the glass and everything in and around a window. We are well trained and take pride in our work. We consider our work the best around and proudly stand behind our results.


Have a stain you can’t get out?

Frequently, our customers are most impressed with our finest trait: a full-proof window cleaning system that is highly efficient and effective. Our process is designed to meet the needs of every window but still be simple enough to learn and repeat over and over. With a consistent system, our workers are better able to hone their skills at each technique involved. This, along with determination to not leave a stain behind, contributes to flawlessly clean windows, every time.


Have a problem with bugs/spiders?

Our workers are well equipped with various tools useful for dusting and scrubbing away spider webs and the mess they can create.

Difficult to reach windows?

Let us handle them. We are well equipped with ladders and have liability insurance to ensure peace of mind.

Pressure Washing

Precision pressure washing – Check out these work samples!

We price your cleanings based on three factors to determine the cost of your cleanings, per window:


Size of Windows


Convenience of Windows, (# of panels, age of windows)


Accessibility of Windows, (obstacles, ladder requirements)


Average Size Double Hung $8-9 Average


Large Door Window $10 Average


Average Size Double Hung 6x6 Paneled $20-24 Average

*prices are for inside & out
*screens are extra

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